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Shared Vision and Goals

Some systems thinkers suggest the act of collectively defining a shared vision for the work is one of the most important steps in a community change effort (Lynn et al., 2018; Kania & Kramer, 2011). A shared vision describes what success would look like, and for whom.  It serves as a guide for the change effort and allows diverse stakeholders to see how their work or priorities fit with bringing about this new reality.

Shared Vision and Goals involves putting the following elements in place over time (Foster-Fishman et al., 2018):
SV Main final use 1.jpgWhy is this important?  A Shared Vision supports local change by bringing stakeholders together to clarify WHAT changes we want to see in the community and HOW these changes will come about. Community change efforts are often more successful when they adopt and pursue a shared vision because it provides the direction for local efforts, inspires individuals to get engaged, and aligns the energies of diverse individuals and organizations (Kania & Kramer, 2011; Martin, 2014).

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