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Effective Convening

One critical element of a transformative change approach is effective convening. Effective convening involves effective leadership, an inclusive culture, effective communication, and shared value within the community (Foster-Fishman et al., 2018)

Effective convening involves putting the following elements in place over time (Foster-Fishman et al., 2018):
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Effective convening is often supported by a Backbone Organization (BBO) that involves staff with specific skills to support collaborative problem-solving (Turner, Merchant, Kania, & Martin, 2012). The BBO staff support the local change initiative/health partnership through ongoing facilitation, communication, data management, and administrative roles needed for effective collaborative problem-solving and action (Kania and Kramer, 2011).

Why is this important?  
The expectation that collaboration can occur without intentional convening and infrastructure supports, such as from a BBO, is one of the most frequent reasons why collaboration fails (Kania and Kramer, 2011; ORS Impact & Spark Policy Institute, 2018). BBO staff coordinate the activities of the coalition and, if effective, provide the structure and approach for success. 

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